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Marijuana possession and sale penalties in Minnesota

In Minnesota, much like other jurisdictions in the United States, the possession or sale of marijuana is illegal. The penalties associated with the crime vary depending on how much of the Schedule I drug that you're found in possession of at the time of your arrest.

Prescription drug abuse is a crime with serious consequences

The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services' Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration recently published its National Survey on Drug Use and Health. The data shows that 36 million Americans, age 12 and up, have abused prescription drugs at least once in life. At least 6.9 million first-time improper uses are made by those between the age of 18 to 25. Teens age 12 to 17 have the second-highest abuse rate at 2.7 million.

How is drug possession penalized in Minnesota?

There are five types of felonies that apply to drug offenses in the state of Minnesota. County, state and federal lawmakers refer to narcotics possession by degree, with first being the most serious and fifth being the least serious of all these offenses. The penalties gradually increase depending on what type of crime a defendant is convicted of.

Your Fourth Amendment rights extend to your electronic devices

If the police suspect you of selling or trafficking drugs, you must be especially careful to preserve your rights against unlawful searches and seizure. While those rights cover your person, your home and your car under the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution, the protections also can extend to the electronic data on your smartphone, computer hard drive and other devices.

Drug court is not always an option for Minneapolis defendants

Minneapolis is home to some 2.5 million people, at least one-half of the entire population of the state of Minnesota. In addition to being a densely populated city, it's also one known for its extreme weather. In the winter, it's snowy and bitterly cold and in the summer, it's sunny and hot. Seasonal changes in weather coupled with everyday pressures of life send many Minnesotans over the edge and to embrace vices like drugs.

What you don't know about drug laws can lead to big trouble

There is a theory in criminal law called "mens rea." That's Latin for "guilty mind." The gist of the theory is that if an individual charged with a crime didn't have criminal intent at the time of the act, it should be possible to use that in the person's defense. Whether it makes sense to try that tactic depends on the circumstances of the case.

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