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Posts tagged "federal offense"

False Statements To Federal Officers

The FBI and other federal investigative agencies have always picked the "low hanging fruit" when it was available. For instance, Martha Stewart was never guilty of insider trading but when she allowed herself to be interviewed about that subject by federal agents, she apparently told a fib or two. She was indicted for that and that is what she was sentenced for. It is a violation of 18 United States Code 1001 and scores of other statutes to tell lies to federal agents or fill out forms for the Government with false answers. Thousand of people have been sent to prison for violating the false statement laws. It seems clear that most of those people did so without realizing that it was a separate crime to speak falsely to an agent.

Advocates push for financial crime sentencing reforms

People charged with financial crimes like embezzlement, financial fraud and insider can face stiff penalties under federal sentencing guidelines, which often call for lengthy prison terms and costly fines. Recently, sentencing reform advocates are calling for a revision of those guidelines in order to lighten the penalties for many white collar crimes.

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