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Posts tagged "Federal Crimes"

What do federal counterfeiting laws cover?

In popular culture, counterfeiting is frequently associated with reproducing fake dollar bills or other currencies. While it is true the federal government outlaws forging paper currency, Minnesota residents should be aware that there are other documents and forms that cannot be counterfeited. Findlaw provides an overview of what kinds of documents are protected from counterfeiting.

When is kidnapping a federal crime?

Kidnapping is a crime that can be confusing when it comes to prosecution. While local or state authorities may take charge and even apprehend the suspect, the actual crime may end up being federal and federal law enforcement may step in. There are specific situations where a kidnapping becomes a federal crime. 

What are the rights of the US Customs and Border Protection?

There are many different federal law enforcement agencies. Each has its own specific jurisdiction. As a resident of Minnesota, you are always under the control of any government law enforcement because you are a U.S. citizen. One branch you may have contact with more than others, especially if you travel, is the U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Two felony charges levied for alleged counterfeiting

People in Minnesota may sometimes hear reports of crimes that are investigated by federal authorities. These types of cases can include allegations of things like embezzlement, mail fraud, wire fraud and tax evasion just for starters. Another type of offense that may be considered a federal crime involves the production or the use of counterfeit United States currency.

Agency alleged to have defrauded Medicaid

Many types of situations may result in an individual or a business being accused of criminal activity in Minnesota. White collar crimes may sometimes seem hard to understand and they may not always really be as they appear or are made out to be by the media. In addition to facing criminal penalties for allegations of things like fraud, defendants may also be subject to financial consequences if they are round guilty of charges.

What are common counterfeit penalties?

If you have been accused of a counterfeiting crime in Minnesota, you know that the penalties can range anywhere from minor to severe. Many things can be forged, including coins, military discharge papers, bonds and postage. The Cornell University Legal Information Institute outlines the penalties that accompany many different types of forgery.

What can be considered mail fraud?

If you're like many Minnesota residents, you may have read or heard stories in which defendants have been accused of mail fraud. However, do you really know exactly what that means? Just what things might result in you or someone you know being accused of this type of crime?

Identify theft charges leads to sentence

Minnesota residents who have been accused of white collar crimes know that the penalties they may face if convicted can be severe. There are many different types of offenses that are classified as white collar crimes and each may have its own set of penalties. These may also vary based upon individual case circumstances or even the inclusion of plea bargains.

Mail fraud and other charges made against postal worker

Many Minnesota residents are aware that tampering with U.S. mail may result in criminal charges. But, understanding exactly what actions may constitute mail fraud can sometimes be difficult. It is opening someone else's mail without their knowledge or approval? It is hiding someone's mail? Could it be something else? Other things people may want to know could involve who might eventually be accused of mail fraud.

What is a forensic accountant?

Minnesota residents who have been accused of serious white collar crimes may face a very serious set of potential consequences if they are ultimately convicted. Often these cases involve jail or prison time, large sums of money and more. The involvement of the right experts along the way can make a big difference in the outcome of a case. A forensic accountant may well be one of these experts that you may find useful if you are in this type of situation

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