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Money Laundering Charges Are Often Used Loosely

Money laundering can refer to doing anything with money that was illegally obtained. While the federal government used to file money laundering charges against people who attempted to make illegally obtained money appear “clean,” the term is now becoming vaguer.

For anyone who is facing money laundering or related charges, obtaining the representation of a skilled federal criminal defense attorney like Joe Friedberg is important. He understands how the federal criminal system works and has helped countless clients from Minneapolis and throughout Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota and North Dakota successfully resolve their charges.

A Willingness To Do Battle With Overzealous Federal Prosecutors

Many people are familiar with the term money laundering due to movies and TV shows focusing on mobsters and Ponzi schemes. Federal prosecutors use the charge quite commonly now, however, many times because they cannot find more specific charges that will stand up in court.

To be successful in these types of cases, Joe Friedberg works with experts like forensic accountants to trace where the allegedly illegal money actually came from. He can use his findings and his litigation and trial skills to present a compelling case that protects his client’s rights.

Fighting Against Serious Penalties

With penalties including up to 20 years in federal prison, expensive fines, asset forfeiture and restitution, it is important to have an experienced lawyer who can help negotiate a better outcome. Joe is an effective negotiator because prosecutors are aware of his skills at trial and many times will seek to avoid a long trial.

Clients can count on Joe to use his 40 years of experience to explain to his clients what their options and best outcomes likely are and help clients make informed decisions about their futures.

To learn more about money laundering charges, contact Joe Friedberg online or call 651-447-6719 to schedule a consultation.