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Defending You Against Gambling Charges

Because of a confusing web of state and federal gambling laws, many innocent business owners here in Minnesota could suddenly find themselves facing illegal gambling charges. To fight aggressive prosecutors, experienced legal representation — the type that lawyer Joe Friedberg can provide — is essential.

At his Minneapolis law firm, Joseph S. Friedberg Chartered, clients will meet with an attorney who has more than 40 years of legal experience contesting serious criminal matters, including gambling crimes. Joe has successfully represented countless clients at the federal and state levels, earning numerous acquittals.

Making Sense Of Complex Gambling Laws

There are many legal forms of gambling here in Minnesota, including pull-tabs and the state lottery. Due to the laws being so confusing, however, business owners who believe they are compliant can face charges such as:

  • Bookmaking
  • Running illegal gambling games such as poker, blackjack and craps
  • Running a private lottery
  • Paying out money on video gambling machines

Joe Friedberg has represented clients facing all types of gambling charges, and has a deep knowledge of Minnesota Gambling Control Board regulations. Jail, fines and loss of gambling licenses can all occur if there is a conviction, and authorities can even go after individuals whom they suspect of having only cursory involvement.

Standing Up For Your Rights

A lawyer like Joe can ensure that investigators do not trample over any of his clients’ legal rights. With not only 85 percent of his jury trials ending in acquittals, but also countless others resolving their cases before even going to trial, there are few attorneys better suited to help clients fight gambling charges. Contact him today by calling 651-447-6719 to schedule a consultation.