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The Lawyer You Need To Defend Against Securities Fraud

As many people witnessed with the Martha Stewart case years ago, securities fraud charges can lead to serious, life-altering consequences. There are options for fighting charges like these, however.

In Minneapolis, dedicated criminal defense attorney Joe Friedberg has built a reputation as one of the state’s best attorneys when it comes to contesting federal charges like securities fraud. His law firm, Joseph S. Friedberg Chartered, has helped many people throughout the Upper Midwest successfully resolve their charges, including earning several federal trial acquittals.

Get The Right Representation When Facing A Loss Of Freedom

The majority of securities fraud charges stem from allegations of insider trading, which means benefiting from information not available to the public and using it to gain from stock transactions. Another type is providing false information to benefit from stock transactions or making misstatements to federal investigators.

Joe Friedberg won an acquittal for the highest paid female corporate executive in Minnesota on charges of securities fraud.

He has helped many other clients achieve favorable resolutions outside of court, saving them from the stress of a federal trial.

Holding Prosecutors To The High Standard Of Innocent Until Proven Guilty

In cases like these, it is important to remember that everyone accused is innocent until proven guilty. Federal prosecutors must prove that any information is directly related to the sale or purchase of stocks, and many times, that can be a difficult burden to prove. The government also relies on whistleblowers and tipsters in many of these cases. Joe can do the research necessary and cross-examine the tipster to find weaknesses.

When so much is on the line — federal prison, fines, a damaged reputation and maybe even a loss of trading privileges — a lawyer of Joe’s caliber can make all the difference.

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