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Enlist A Powerful Defense Lawyer For Allegations Of Health Care Fraud

The federal government takes health care fraud charges seriously, and these charges can be extremely difficult to defend against. Making the right choice when obtaining legal representation can make the difference in successfully resolving health care fraud-related charges.

In Minneapolis, Minnesota, lawyer Joe Friedberg has a lengthy track record of success defending several Fortune 500 companies facing health care fraud-related investigations. In addition to helping those clients avoid convictions, none was ever even charged. He has also successfully defended pharmacies and other health care professionals charged with fraud, including United States v. Oz. That record of excellence is why businesses and individuals put their trust in attorney Joe Friedberg when facing federal charges.

The Consequences Of These Charges Are Far-Reaching

Staying compliant is a constant worry of health care providers. Mistakes can lead to charges related to:

  • Miscoding Medicare or Medicaid reimbursement forms
  • Billing Medicare or Medicaid for procedures that were not performed
  • Performing unnecessary surgery
  • Professional responsibility violations

A conviction for any of these fraud-related charges could lead to time in federal prison. In addition, the government will likely seek restitution, which could total millions of dollars. Successfully resolving federal health care fraud charges requires an attorney with strong attention to detail and a deep understanding of the relevant laws, which are complex. As a skilled litigator, Joe Friedberg has helped many clients minimize the financial damages of these charges, negotiating favorable outcomes for many of his clients.

In addition to facing criminal charges, doctors could potentially lose their medical licenses, imperiling their ability to earn income.

Joe Friedberg has effectively represented doctors, dentists, pharmacists and other health care providers before licensing boards in addition to helping them resolve their criminal charges.

Contact attorney Joe Friedberg today at 651-447-6719 to schedule a consultation and to learn more about health care fraud charges.