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Minneapolis Attorney Defending You Against Allegations Of Financial Fraud

Financial fraud covers many different types of alleged schemes used to trick people into turning over their money. In many cases, what prosecutors allege is financial fraud may just be a paperwork mistake made by an employee in the financial services sector.  We defend people charged with financial fraud–not alleged victims of fraud.

Financial fraud can lead to charges ranging from misdemeanor to major federal felony charges, where a conviction could lead to decades in federal prison. To address these serious charges, clients, including corporate executives, put their trust in attorney Joe Friedberg. His Minneapolis, Minnesota, law firm is regarded as one of the Upper Midwest’s premier criminal defense law firms.

A Federal Trial Lawyer With More Than 40 Years Of Experience

Many types of financial fraud charges can seem incredibly complex. Joe Friedberg has spent decades helping people successfully navigate the criminal justice system. He has represented people facing fraud charges related to:

  • Ponzi schemes
  • Bank fraud
  • Misapplication of bank funds
  • Making false financial statements
  • Identity theft
  • Writing bad checks

Effectively resolving charges related to the allegations above sometimes requires the ability to examine years of financial data. Joe Friedberg works with a variety of financial experts, including forensic accountants, to give his clients the best chance of a successful outcome.

Whether at trial or in settlement negotiations, clients will benefit from working with a lawyer with 17 federal jury acquittals and who was named by Minnesota Law & Politics as one of the 100 most influential lawyers in the history of Minnesota and a member of the Minnesota Lawyers Hall of Fame. There is no better advocate when facing serious charges like these.

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