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Bankruptcy Fraud

Filing for bankruptcy is extremely complicated. Fighting back against charges of bankruptcy fraud is even more so.

When facing serious criminal charges related to bankruptcy fraud, turn to an experienced criminal defense attorney like Joe Friedberg. His Minneapolis-based law firm, Joseph S. Friedberg Chartered, fights for clients facing federal charges throughout Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota.

Work With An Experienced Federal Criminal Trial Lawyer

Because filing for bankruptcy can lead to a clean financial slate, the federal government doggedly pursues alleged abuses of the bankruptcy process. Filers are required to list all of their assets and debts. In a Chapter 11 filing, a business must present a plan for how it will reorganize. Making errors in the bankruptcy filing or the reorganization process can lead to fraud-related charges for:

  • Hiding assets when filing for bankruptcy
  • Giving false testimony about hidden assets
  • Abusing power as debtor in possession

With previous experience litigating a large Chapter 11 case in U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Joe has strong knowledge about the bankruptcy process. He has used this knowledge to help people facing federal charges related to bankruptcy resolve their cases.

With more than 40 years of criminal defense experience, Joe has a wide network of resources and experts, such as forensic accountants, whom he can call on to build a strong case.

Whether it is in settlement negotiations or at trial, Joe can give clients the best chance at resolving their case as positively as possible. With federal prison a possibility for a conviction, having the best possible lawyer is important.

Contact attorney Joe Friedberg online or call 651-447-6719 to schedule a consultation and learn more about Joe’s record and how he may be able to help.