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Minneapolis Lawyer Defending Against Charges Of Agriculture Fraud

For farmers, whether they are on a large farm, a small family farm or a co-op, navigating the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) complex web of regulations can seem like a full-time job. If a mistake happens, the USDA will not hesitate to use its resources to pursue federal criminal charges.

Few criminal defense attorneys in Minneapolis or throughout Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota or South Dakota understand agriculture fraud-related charges better than Joe Friedberg. With more than 40 years of experience and a vast network of resources at his disposal, Joe can effectively represent people accused of charges related to:

  • Misuse of land for certain types of farming
  • Misuse of subsidies
  • Wrongfully receiving crop insurance subsidies
  • Other types of fraud charges

While under investigation, many people make the mistake of lying to federal agents. This can lead to serious charges. That’s why you should never talk to investigators without an experienced attorney by your side.

An Understanding Of This Unique Field Of Criminal Law

Unlike most criminal defense attorneys who take federal cases, Joe Friedberg will not hesitate to take a case before a jury, because he has helped numerous clients earn acquittals.

Joe represented a defendant in a case involving the USDA taking action against Peterson Farms in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota over allegedly defrauding the government out of millions of dollars in subsidies. Joe and the defense team took the case to a jury and earned blanket acquittals on more than 100 counts against their clients, who were facing the possibility of up to 20 years in federal prison.

Outcomes like this in cases of this magnitude are why people throughout Minnesota and the surrounding area turn to attorney Joe Friedberg for representation in federal cases. Contact his office today at 651-447-6719 to schedule a consultation with an experienced criminal lawyer and learn more about how he can help.