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Defending You Against Federal Fish And Wildlife Violations

For many individuals, families and businesses, fishing and hunting are a way of life. Unfortunately, complicated state and federal fish and wildlife laws can get in the way, leading to extremely serious consequences such as prison and loss of gun rights. The government can literally make a federal case out of even minor violations.

Minneapolis-based attorney Joe Friedberg is one of the top criminal defense attorneys in the region for fighting federal fish and wildlife violation charges. A trial lawyer with 17 federal jury acquittals throughout his career, Joe knows what it takes to positively resolve cases for his clients throughout the Upper Midwest.

It’s important to seek legal advice before you say anything to a law enforcement officer. Making false statements to a game officer can quickly turn a misdemeanor offense into a federal felony charge.

Protecting People Tripped Up By The Lacey Act

The Lacey Act is a federal law that makes it illegal to export, import, buy or sell any fish or wildlife that is taken, transported or sold in violation of U.S. or Indian law. For example, a hunter who acquires a permit to shoot one type of deer in North Dakota but kills a different type and brings that animal into Minnesota could be violating the Lacey Act.

A conviction for violating the Lacey Act or any other fish and wildlife law could mean forfeiting the right to own a firearm for life. In addition, federal prison and fines are also possibilities.

Joe Friedberg has successfully represented numerous hunters, taxidermists and business owners who were accused of violating fish and wildlife laws, including charges related to:

  • Importation of a protected species
  • Mislabeling fish
  • Transporting hunting trophies across state lines
  • Hunting party violations
  • Killing an animal with an improper weapon or method
  • Shining deer
  • Taking protected wildlife
  • Taking bait fish from Canadian or Indian waters
  • Bear hunting violations
  • Importing caviar or meat products from a protected species.
  • Mounting a protected species

By working with a premier criminal defense attorney like Joe Friedberg, anyone accused of a fish and wildlife violation will be sending a strong message that they will be ready to fight for their rights.

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