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Minneapolis Lawyer For Defense Against Environmental Crimes

When people think about cases of corporate pollution, they usually think about expensive class action lawsuits. In many cases, however, there can also be severe criminal penalties against employees and executives. Defending against pollution and other alleged environmental crimes can be difficult, making experienced legal representation a necessity.

Attorney Joe Friedberg has helped many corporations in Minneapolis and throughout Minnesota and the Upper Midwest mount successful defenses against environmental crime allegations. He represented Marvin Windows Corporation in a pollution investigation.

The Knowledge And Experience To Handle These Complicated Charges

Federal agents and prosecutors investigating these crimes take matters of environmental pollution extremely seriously and will often use the threat of federal prosecution to extract large financial concessions. In fact, Joe Friedberg has represented companies who believed they were closely following the law only to face a swift crackdown.

He has helped many large corporations here in Minnesota resolve charges related to:

  • Illegal dumping of toxic waste
  • Oil spills
  • Failing to properly store contaminants
  • Failing to properly dispose of toxic materials such as used tires

Because the stakes are so high for a conviction — possible time in federal prison — an experienced lawyer who knows how to go toe-to-toe with federal prosecutors is vital. Joe has won 17 federal jury acquittals and is recognized by his peers as one of Minnesota’s best criminal trial attorneys.

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