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Minneapolis Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

Attorney Joe Friedberg in Minneapolis provides aggressive, effective representation to people throughout Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota facing federal and state white collar crime charges.

As a lawyer with more than 40 years of criminal defense experience, Joe Friedberg can help you through any type of federal or white collar criminal charge, including:

  • Fraud crimes: Accusations of fraud can be extremely damaging to your reputation and finances.
  • Fish and wildlife violations: Violations of the complicated patchwork of state, federal and international fish and wildlife laws can lead to extremely serious consequences like federal prison.
  • Gambling crimes: Business owners who make every effort to comply with state gambling laws can still face damaging charges
  • Money laundering: Federal prosecutors use the money laundering quite commonly when they cannot find more specific charges that will stand up in court.
  • Making false statements: Speaking to a federal officer without legal advice can be hazardous to your freedom.

A Proven Track Record Of Success

The consequences for a conviction on any of the charges listed above can be severe, including lengthy federal prison sentences and millions of dollars in restitution and fines. In addition, federal charges can ruin one’s reputation personally and professionally. That is why choosing the right criminal defense attorney is so crucial.

Joe Friedberg has earned 17 federal jury acquittals. Prosecutors are aware of his ability to take on seemingly “impossible” cases and get positive results.

There is no doubt how scary it can be to face federal criminal charges. Clients of Joe Friedberg can put their trust in him to use his extensive experience and resources to give them the best chance at a positive outcome. Whether it is through negotiations with prosecutors or taking a case to trial, Joe knows how to protect his clients’ rights and interests.

Do Not Trade On Experience And Results

Few attorneys in Minneapolis or throughout the region have the understanding of these complex criminal charges that Joe Friedberg does. When facing state or federal charges, contact him online or call 651-447-6719 to schedule a consultation.