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Defense Lawyer For Prescription Drug Charges

Minnesota, like many other states, is cracking down on abuse of opioid prescription pain relievers such as fentanyl and Vicodin. These drugs now cause more deaths in the United States than car accidents.

A person taking these drugs for treatment of a pain condition can easily become addicted. Once the prescription runs out, the person may turn to illegal sources of the drug. Many people who are arrested for illegal possession of a prescription drug don’t think the consequences will be as severe as it would be for possession of a street drug such as heroin. This is not the case. You need a lawyer as soon as possible, even if you have never been in trouble with the law before.

Attorney Joe Friedberg is known in Minneapolis and throughout the Twin Cities area for his effective defense of people facing drug charges. Respected by his peers, prosecutors and judges, Joe knows how to minimize the consequences you face. Call him at 651-447-6719 to schedule a consultation.

Types Of Prescription Drug Crimes

Even seemingly minor mistakes can result in prescription drug charges, including:

  • Possession of another person’s prescription
  • Carrying a prescription drug in a container other than its prescription bottle
  • Carrying an expired prescription
  • Doctor shopping to obtain a prescription
  • Giving your prescription to someone else

The consequences of a conviction can include prison time and a damaging criminal record.

Before you talk to prosecutors or agree to a plea deal, contact attorney Joe Friedberg. Your rights and future are on the line.