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Minneapolis Drug Crimes Defense Lawyer

There is no such thing as a minor drug crime. In fact, an arrest on any type of drug charge could lead to prison and a damaging criminal record. Even a misdemeanor drug possession charge can affect you when you apply for a job, seek a loan or apply for a professional license. Experienced legal representation is necessary to fight for the best outcome possible.

Attorney Joe Friedberg is known in Minneapolis and throughout the Twin Cities area for his ability to provide effective representation to people facing all manner of drug charges. Recognized by his peers as one of Minnesota’s best criminal trial lawyers, he has successfully represented people facing charges involving drugs like:

Defending Those Accused Of All Types Of Drug Charges

Joe Friedberg routinely takes on cases that most other criminal defense attorneys deem impossible, including major federal drug distribution conspiracies. He also handles small possession cases. The numerous acquittals that he has earned in federal and state trials have earned him the respect of prosecutors. This gives him the ability to negotiate favorable resolutions for his clients before trial is even necessary.

With punishments such as federal prison, probation, fines and asset forfeiture all possible outcomes of a conviction, the right representation is essential. Joe will put his more than 40 years of experience to use investigating the allegations and building a compelling case.

Many people are of the misguided belief that if a drug charge seems minor, the consequences will not be that bad. If the federal government gets involved, however, it can be expected that the prosecutors will pursue a prison sentence in the event of a conviction.

Before anyone facing drug charges talks to prosecutors or agrees to a plea deal in an attempt to move on quickly from the charges, contact attorney Joe Friedberg first. Call him at 651-447-6719 to schedule a consultation.