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Be on the lookout for business e-mail compromises

Internet criminals concoct all sorts of ways to steal money from unsuspecting Minnesota internet users. According to the FBI, internet criminals have recently come up with a way to infiltrate the emails of company employees and non-profit workers to get them to hand over their money. This scheme is known as a business e-mail compromise (BEC). To date, this internet crime has resulted in billions of dollars of losses to victims.

What is copyright infringement?

The mass transmission of digital data across the internet, including movies, images and literary text make it easier for such material to be copied and distributed. However, a lot of media is under copyright by a person or an entity such as a business. If copyrighted material is distributed unlawfully, a Minnesota copyright holder will possess grounds for a lawsuit.

Beware of phishing scams

Fishing is pretty basic. With a lure, usually a piece of bait, hooked onto the end of a fishing line, you can probably catch a fish or two and enjoy a well cooked meal at the end of the day. Unfortunately, there is another form of fishing on the net of a more sinister kind. Cyber scammers run phishing operations to try and steal personal data from unsuspecting net users. These scam artists use a number of techniques to get people in Minnesota to reveal their data.

How police and federal agents investigate cyber crimes

Whether law enforcement agencies are attempting to uncover evidence in international cyber warfare cases or discover people of interest in internet harassment issues based out of Minnesota, allegations of internet crime all involve similar investigatory processes. Understanding these techniques, along with what may go wrong in the process of investigation, is often a prerequisite for a successful defense against wrongful charges.

What is the new phishing scam impersonating the FBI?

Phishing scams can trick almost anyone in Minnesota. While you may think you could never be a victim, new scams are becoming more believable and tricking even the savviest internet user. One such scam is a new one that impersonates the FBI.

Does law enforcement really use social media?

You may have heard of law enforcement using social media to catch criminals, but does this really happen? Could your local Minnesota law enforcement be looking at what you post on social media to see if you are committing crimes? According to, it is true that law enforcement does use social media to assist with finding criminals. It is not just something you see on TV and in the movies.

Allegations of new phishing scheme

Minnesota residents who try and follow news about online safety and security know that this can be a very tricky area. While certainly there is a need to ensure that people's data and activity online are safe, it is also important to understand the difference between illegal activity and some type of bug in a computer system or even a standard marketing campaign. Many people may get annoyed at marketing emails and assume spam and phishing messages are the same.

How spam and phishing are different

If you have ever heard or read reports of people being charged with internet crimes in Minnesota, you might wonder just what is phishing and how is it different that other marketing emails that people might refer to as junk or spam. This is a legitimate question and the fact is that the two can sometimes seem similar but the law does distinguish between them in very clear ways. 

C-level departures at credit bureau

State and federal laws relating to alleged crimes committed online or via software may be difficult for people in Minnesota or other states to fully understand. Additionally, the nature of the Internet means that these events are often not relegated only to one legal jurisdiction or state. The data breach that has been exposed recently regarding one of the big three credit monitoring agencies is a great example of this.

Little discussion of charges in latest breach

Residents in Minnesota and around the nation may well be feeling concerned about what is perhaps one of the largest and most concerning data breaches to be experienced in recent years. One of the three largest credit monitoring organizations has said that personal information for more than 140 million people may have been accessed inappropriately or even fraudulently.

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