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Don’t get caught ‘doctor shopping’

| Mar 29, 2019 | Drug Charges |

You absolutely have the right to seek a second — or even third — medical opinion when you don’t think you’re getting good medical care. You also have the right to change doctors simply because you don’t like the doctor you have.

You cannot, however, go “doctor shopping.” Doctor shopping is generally defined as going to multiple health care professionals and obtaining prescriptions for narcotics and other controlled substances without each doctor’s full knowledge of who else you have seen and what prescriptions you already have.

That’s illegal and will get you in trouble for fraudulently obtaining prescription painkillers or other controlled substances. People go doctor shopping for a number of different reasons. Most commonly, they want the drugs because they’ve developed an addiction to opioids, and they can’t obtain enough to fill their addiction from just one source. In other cases, people will obtain multiple prescriptions so that they can sell the pills once they obtain them.

Patients in Minnesota should be aware that there is now a prescription database that is designed to catch instances of doctor shopping. While physicians have been slow to register for the state’s mandated Prescription Monitoring Program, it is required by law — which means that most physicians are going to be compliant eventually. That means that doctors and pharmacists alike will be able to look at your prescription history and determine what you have recently been prescribed — and who prescribed it.

A prescription fraud charge is serious business. A conviction can have an impact on your entire future and limit your ability as far as careers, housing, student loans and more. If you’ve been charged, don’t take any chances with your future: Contact a defense attorney with experience handling drug charges. Our office can help you learn more.