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Understanding what domestic violence is

| Aug 2, 2018 | Criminal Defense |

Domestic violence, abuse or assault are crimes that you often hear talked about in public service announcements or in the media as a crime that’s committed by an individual against his or her love interest. What you may be surprised to know though is that violence committed against a love interest is not the only reason that you can be charged with domestic assault though.

Instead, many jurisdictions’ laws are written to punish any individual who attempts to exert some kind of force over another person.

If you cohabitate with, are married to or date someone, then any violence directed at them may constitute a domestic assault. This means that a parent, spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend or sibling who commits an act of violence toward another they’re either in a romantic or familiar relationship with can face such charges.

Research that been conducted on domestic violence shows that virtually anyone can be subjected to this type of abuse. People of all religions, socioeconomic levels, ages, education levels and countries of origin can be treated poorly by their love interests, spouses or relatives. Domestic violence happens in both gay and straight relationships as well.

Women who are impoverished or those who have few options for seeking out help are often targeted as victims for this type of abuse. Ones with few co-workers, friends or family are often preyed upon by domestic violence perpetrators. So too are women who are either who have mental illness or are under emotional duress or those who are physically disabled.

While no act of domestic violence is justified, perpetrators are often motivated to become abusive because they’re mentally ill. They often struggle with substance abuse issues or a distorted view of themselves and of others. This often leads motivates them to want to shatter a partner or family member’s self-importance to the point they aren’t confident to walk away.

Those who are accused of a domestic assault may face long-term consequences for their actions if they’re found guilty of a violent crime at trial. It may impact their ability to land a job and retain custody of their kids. This is why having a Minneapolis criminal defense attorney on hand to get to the bottom of domestic violence charges is key for any defendant facing a trial on such offenses.