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What is the new phishing scam impersonating the FBI?

| Feb 5, 2018 | Internet Crime |

Phishing scams can trick almost anyone in Minnesota. While you may think you could never be a victim, new scams are becoming more believable and tricking even the savviest internet user. One such scam is a new one that impersonates the FBI.

Imagine getting an email from the FBI. This is going to catch your attention. When you open it, it seems legitimate. It includes formal-sounding language, case numbers and other information that looks very real. The FBI has issued a warning about such emails, noting they are part of a new phishing scam. 

These emails use common tactics. They are written using language that seems like it would come from the FBI to help give a legitimate edge to the message. They also grab your attention by telling you that you are entitled to compensation. They even include the name of a law firm to contact, which could cause you to feel the email is valid. After all, they are not asking you to enter personal information or to contact a random phone number. This all makes it seem very real and is why so many people are being taken in. 

These emails go a step further by linking to news articles that seem to back up what is being said in the email. Some also include a file to download with paperwork to fill out. However, all of this is fake and often used to transmit malware. 

The FBI has issued an alert about this scam. If you find yourself being targeted, then report it to the Internet Crime Complaint Center. This information is for education and is not legal advice.