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| Feb 16, 2018 | Criminal Tax Violations |

At Joseph S. Friedberg Chartered, we help Minnesota residents from all walks of life with various criminal tax issues. We often handle common mistakes that might be avoided by dealing with tax challenges by the book rather than guessing at numbers, paying late or failing to file at all. These are examples of seemingly innocuous errors might carry serious consequences for your future.

For example, estimating your income or guessing at what a certain section means might lead to a charge of tax fraud. There are usually options available— paying minor fees, for example— if you make isolated or minor errors or omissions. Patterns of mistakes, however, might translate to harsh treatment. We find that many of our clients simply do not spend enough time working on their taxes to understand how to properly prepare the documents, leading to repeated errors over long periods of time. 

One of the most satisfying things about practicing defense law is helping our clients protect their families and businesses from inappropriate and potentially ruinous criminal charges. Of course, we would rather that our clients never had to suffer through these accusations in the first place. That is why we recommend that you start a little early this year by reviewing some of the most common precipitants to tax fraud charges.

Findlaw has a useful section on fraud as opposed to negligence. The article lists several things you might not even know were illegal that could, in fact, be considered fraud:

  • Underreporting cash income, such as tips
  • Listing personal expenses as business write-offs
  • Claiming more than the allowed number of dependents

Keeping an eye out for these types of gaffes while preparing your taxes might help you avoid significant trouble down the road.

Even though we deal with criminal tax law regularly, we feel just the same about tax season as everyone else. It is easy to procrastinate with the deadline still a couple of months away, but a few simple preparations could help you avoid a potential lifetime of hassle. If you would like to learn more, please visit us at our main page.