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Does law enforcement really use social media?

| Dec 4, 2017 | Internet Crime |

You may have heard of law enforcement using social media to catch criminals, but does this really happen? Could your local Minnesota law enforcement be looking at what you post on social media to see if you are committing crimes? According to, it is true that law enforcement does use social media to assist with finding criminals. It is not just something you see on TV and in the movies.

When social media was new, law enforcement never dreamed of using it in any formal capacity. However, many crimes have been solved and criminals found due to social media activity. In addition, many law enforcement agencies have their own social media accounts to be used as a way to stay in contact with the public. They may post bulletins, ask for the public’s help or make announcements. Social media has become a great tool.

It does not hurt that people are quick to share on social media. Think about some of the things you may have posted about. Perhaps you revealed something personal without even thinking about it. For many criminals, the draw of gaining attention through posting on social media leads them to brag about crimes or to publish other incriminating evidence that leads law enforcement right to them. This is what makes social media so useful when it comes to fighting crime. 

It can also be helpful when gathering evidence because people are also often taking videos of events and could catch something that could help put a criminal behind bars. This information is for educational use and not intended as legal advice.