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Most of woman’s sentence to include home monitoring

| Oct 4, 2017 | Criminal Tax Violations |

Minnesota residents who are accused of white collar crimes like embezzlement, conspiracy and other offenses may well be nervous about the prospect of spending time in prison. The inability to keep working or maintain other parts of their lives can be seriously hampered which yields consequences that last much longer than a sentence on its own might.

A woman who was accused of not filing tax returns for 13 years has been convicted of six counts of failing to do so for the years starting in 2010 and ending in 2015. Accusations relating to prior years were dropped due to a statute of limitations. The defendant had been a professor at the University of Minnesota and has been handed a sentence that include both time in custody and probation.

The first year of her sentence was to be spent at a work house but she will actually be moved to her home after the first 90 days. For the remainder of the initial 365 days she will be monitored electronically. After that time she will serve out a probation sentence lasting 24 months. She must also repay approximately $11,000 on top of what she has already paid to the state for back taxes and associated penalties.

People who are facing serious penalties for alleged tax or other white collar crimes in Minnesota might want to talk with a lawyer to learn about the different forms and terms available for their sentences if they are convicted.

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