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How spam and phishing are different

| Oct 8, 2017 | Internet Crime |

If you have ever heard or read reports of people being charged with internet crimes in Minnesota, you might wonder just what is phishing and how is it different that other marketing emails that people might refer to as junk or spam. This is a legitimate question and the fact is that the two can sometimes seem similar but the law does distinguish between them in very clear ways. 

Kasperky Lab explains that junk or spam emails may be sent by companies as part of their outbound marketing efforts. Many people find these communications very annoying, especially if they receive too many of them. Inboxes can become cluttered and the constant push of sales pitches can be tiring. The goal of these messages is ultimately to make money by selling more goods and services.

On the other side of things are phishing emails. The goal here may also be to make money but it is said that people who send these messages do not seek to make money by selling their products or services but rather via some type of fraud. These communications may include links that, if clicked, infect computers by installing software programs unknowingly. They may also lead to the dissemination of confidential information that can be used to obtain money in another person’s name. 

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