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Allegations of new phishing scheme

| Oct 17, 2017 | Internet Crime |

Minnesota residents who try and follow news about online safety and security know that this can be a very tricky area. While certainly there is a need to ensure that people’s data and activity online are safe, it is also important to understand the difference between illegal activity and some type of bug in a computer system or even a standard marketing campaign. Many people may get annoyed at marketing emails and assume spam and phishing messages are the same.

Today, a group of researchers located in Silicon Valley that is said to investigate potential illegal activity online is looking into what some believe to be a new phishing scheme. Despite allegations that the scheme has been active since the spring of this year, there are no stated leads on who the group thinks may be responsible for it. The reach of this alleged activity is global and has spanned multiple continents.

According to reports, the scheme targets corporate networks and attempts to gain access to data such as user names or computer processes used. Two different payloads are said to be involved in the effort that together may allow even more downloads without a user knowing. This is supposedly done by taking control of email exchanges already in process so as to maximum trust among unsuspecting people.

When the potential for an online attack is suspected, anyone involved might want to talk with an attorney to understand how these cases are investigated and defended. 

Source: ZDNet, “This sneaky phishing attack hijiacks your chats to spread malware,” Danny Palmer, October 6, 2017