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What can lead to a charge of conspiracy?

| Sep 24, 2017 | Conspiracy |

If you are like most people in Minnesota you have heard reports about other people being charged with criminal conspiracy in some form. There can be many types of criminal offenses in which conspiracy may come into play such as conspiracy to distribute drugs. At the federal level there are also charges relating to conspiracy to defraud the United States government in some way. Understanding what this means and how it can be interpreted is important.

As explained by the United States Department of Justice, there are both defraud clauses and offense clauses relating to conspiracy charges against the government. The definition of what may be pointed to as conspiracy is very broad and potentially open to a lot of interpretation. It is also important to know that the government does not need to prove that any harm or loss resulted from what it says is conspiracy. It only needs to show that some form of interference occurred and that there was some level of consciousness associated with creating that.

Part of the definition of conspiracy includes a proven intent to deceive the government by telling lies, misrepresentation or some other intent to defraud. These things may link to an attempt to get ahold of some form of American government property or to interfere with government actions.

This information is not intended to provide legal advice but is instead meant to give residents in Minnesota a basic understanding of what may contribute to a person being accused of conspiracy against the federal government.