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Indictment verdict in alleged country club fraud

| Sep 4, 2017 | Embezzlement |

Any person who works in a job in which they have financial responsibilities and control for an entity knows that their actions may be put under a microscope from time to time. That is precisely what is happening to a woman today who used to work for a private golf club in St. Paul, Minnesota. 

For a period of eight years, the woman had been the controller for the Town & Country Club. She has not worked at the club since 2016 and has recently been indicted for her alleged role in a fraud scheme involving embezzlement of funds. Reports state that the defendant is accused of using club monies to pay for the purchase of real estate and a recreational vehicle as well as for her primary residential mortgage and travel.

The alleged embezzlement involves charges made to personal credit cards which were then paid with club money, stolen cash and checks written directly to the defendant. In all, the sum said to have been fraudulently obtain exceeds one million dollars. On top of the money said to be embezzled, the woman is accused of making the club pay over $300,000 in unnecessary penalties and interest to the Internal Revenue Service when she chose to make late tax filings and payments.

When a person is the subject of a serious federal crime investigation like the one described above, they may want to reach out to an experienced Minnesota attorney who understands how to approach a defense of these charges.

Source: Star Tribune, “Former Town & Country Club finance manager indicted in $1 million embezzlement scheme,” Karen Zamora, August 24, 2017