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Tax crime gets new leader at IRS

| Aug 10, 2017 | Criminal Tax Violations |

Minnesota residents who watch the efforts of the Internal Revenue Service when it comes to tax collections and even prosecutions for alleged tax crimes or non-payment of federal income tax will be interested to learn that the IRS has recently announced the appointment of a new official. The man took over as the Chief of the Criminal Investigation Division earlier this summer. This position itself is not new but this appointment is and reflects the IRS’ continued commitment to pursuing what it deems to be violations of the tax code or other compliance issues.

The Criminal Investigation Division is responsible for identifying what cases relating to taxes should be federally prosecuted. It also has the authority to investigate these matters. It is the only entity within the federal government that is tasked with any of these things. Examples of the types of cases this agency would be involved with include allegations of fraud among tax preparation professionals or other individuals, employment tax, schemes involving tax payments and more.

The agency is said to have a focus on making the public feel more confident and supporting greater compliance with tax laws in a voluntary manner. Rather than taking a punitive approach, it is said to want to act as more of a deterrent. That said, it does have ability to investigate and recommend criminal prosecution.

People facing charges of tax crimes may want to talk with an attorney to learn about their options for a defense in these situations.

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