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Alleged identity theft charges made

| Aug 21, 2017 | Criminal Defense |

Anyone in Minnesota who has ever found themselves accused of a criminal offense knows that an accusation is simply that and does not guarantee that they are guilty or that they will be found guilty. This may be difficult to keep in mind when in the midst of the arrest process but is something important nonetheless. An example of someone who will want o be working hard to focus on his defense options has recently been arrested for alleged white collar crimes in Connecticut. He also is reported to have connections to a purported tax fraud scheme in Minnesota.

Reports indicate that the defendant is said to have illegally obtained personal information for approximately 2,900 employees in two different school districts in Connecticut and another 2,800 employees in the Bloomington school district in Minnesota. While charges have yet to be filed in Minnesota, the man is facing allegations of identity theft and fraud in Connecticut. These charges allege that he filed more than 100 false U.S. tax returns with total refunds valued at more than a half a million dollars using information from employees in one school district.

The man is said to have received personal information for employees in Minnesota but it is not known whether or not any tax returns were filed using that information nor if any charges may be forthcoming from Minnesota prosecutors.

After a criminal arrest, people in Minnesota might find talking with an experienced defense attorney helpful so that they may learn their options at this time.

Source: CBS Minnesota, “Nigerian Man Charged In Tax Fraud Scheme Targeting School Employees,” August 4, 2017