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What acts are considered environmental crimes?

| Jul 19, 2017 | Criminal Defense |

In Minnesota and across the nation, crimes against the environment are becoming a huge hot button issue. The penalty for those convicted of environmental crimes can also be quite steep. This is why having Joseph S. Friedberg on your team can be a huge asset if you’re facing charges related to these crimes.

First of all, “environmental crimes” can cover a wide array of potential actions, as long as the end result is damage to the environment and/or the ecosystem. Two common problems that often come to mind are oil spills and toxic waste mismanagement, or illegal dumping of waste. The hugely devastating impact of both of these actions put them right into the public’s eye whenever they occur.

However, it’s possible to be charged with an environmental crime even if your actions are unintentional. This is most often seen with accusations of incorrect disposal. The items being disposed can be toxic, like chemicals or used tires. They can also be electronic waste, which is a rapidly growing problem in this modern age. You can even possibly face charges if you’re accused of storing certain items incorrectly. This goes for anything that can be considered a contaminant, which needs to be properly sealed and dealt with according to state or federal standards.

If you have been accused of crimes against the environment, no matter what type of crime it is, taking it seriously is of utmost importance. Arm yourself with knowledge wherever possible so that you know what to expect in your case. For this reason, you may benefit from taking a look around our web page on environmental crimes, which is linked above.