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Man to spend 90 years in federal prison

| Jun 22, 2017 | Embezzlement |

When residents in Minnesota find themselves accused of criminal charges, they need to know that the process from an arrest to a conviction can be lengthy and complex. It may also find them facing different charges by the time they get closer to a resolution of their cases if they enter into plea agreements. Additionally, if a person is convicted, there may remain the abilty to appeal a decision which may result in a different outcome ultimately.

A man from White Bear Lake was recently sentenced to 90 months in federal prison after the conclusion of a case investigated jointly by the Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigatoin Division and the Minnesota Department of Commerce Fraud Bureau. While reports indicate that the defendant plead guilty to charges of money laundering and mail fraud, it is not known what he may have originally been charged with and if the final result reflects a plea deal. It is also unknown if there is any plan to appeal the decision.

This sentencing is not the first time that the man has faced white collar crime charges. In both 2006 and 1999 he was sentenced to time in custody for allegedly defrauding people and it is said that some of the restitution he was ordered to pay from those cases remains outstanding today.

Minnesota residents who are alleged to have been involved in embezzlement or Ponzi schemes might want to talk to a lawyer about the charges and the potential defense options.

Source: White Bear Press, “Former White Bear Lake chiropractor sentenced to prison for fraud,” June 14, 2017