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Agency alleged to have defrauded Medicaid

| Jun 8, 2017 | Federal Crimes |

Many types of situations may result in an individual or a business being accused of criminal activity in Minnesota. White collar crimes may sometimes seem hard to understand and they may not always really be as they appear or are made out to be by the media. In addition to facing criminal penalties for allegations of things like fraud, defendants may also be subject to financial consequences if they are round guilty of charges.

This is part of what has happened to a company that is no longer in existence from the Twin Cities area. The business is said to have stopped providing services in 2016 after it was alleged to have defrauded Medicaid. The business was a mental health services agency that was supposed to provide counseling and other services to people in their homes. Many clients are said to have lived in remote areas. The agency’s president has been accused of forcing employees to falsify documents in patient records. These documents and records were often used to bill Medicaid in ways that authorities allege were fraudulent.

The president has been barred from accepting government contracts for eight years but it is not known if she will face any jail or prison time. A financial penalty was ordered for $4.52 million to be paid by the business. In all, more than 8,500 claims submitted to Medicaid were said to have been erroneous.

Minnesota residents may find it useful to have experienced legal counsel by their side when facing tough charges like these.

Source: Star Tribune, “Twin Cities mental health agency to pay $4.5 million in federal fraud case,” Chris Serres, May 30, 2017