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Prison and supervised release ordered for accountant

| May 18, 2017 | Embezzlement |

Residents in Minnesota who find themselves accused of white collar crimes may be understandably surprised and confused. A criminal accusation can often feel incongruous with what a person thinks of themselves. When many people think about criminals, they think about people who are accused of things like murder, assualt or drug charges not generally very successful professionals. Yet, many highly educated and accomplished people find themselves in this spot and then they must all of a sudden navigate a very world very unfamiliar to them.

After serving as the controller and accountant for a company for roughly two decades, a man from St. Paul found himself accused of stealing more than one million dollars from his employer. According to reports, the defendant wrote as many as 150 different checks to himself from the business funds. This activity is said to have begun as far back as 1995. In total, he was accused of embezzling $1.2 million from the company that employed him. He will eventually be required to pay restitution for the alleged stolen money.

Since entering a guilty plea, the man was convicted of wire fraud and has been sentenced to spend more than 40 months in a federal prison. He will also serve a period of supervised release lasting 36 months. It is not known if a plea bargain was made that may have altered the ultimate charge for which he was convicted as well as the penalties.

Minnesota residents and professionals who are accused of embezzlement, money laundering or other similar offenses may want to learn how to approach their defense by talking with an attorney.

Source: CBS Minnesota, “St. Paul Accountant Sentenced In Embezzlement Scheme,” John Rowan, May 8, 2017