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Professor accused of not filing tax returns

| Apr 20, 2017 | Criminal Tax Violations |

Minnesota residents who encounter problems with alleged tax violations may at times face a bumpy and uncertain future. The Internal Revenue Service may be powerful but there is still the reality that every person accused of a criminal offense deserves a fair defense. The outcome of a particular case may be very different than what may have originally been thought or might have been possible.

A professor of economics at the University of Minnesota today may well be looking at her defense options as she has been charged with 12 separate counts of failure to file federal income tax returns. It is alleged that the last time the woman actually filed her tax return was in 2002 although she had been having taxes deducted from her pay that she earned at the university. Even though it has been since 2003 that no tax returns were filed, the IRS can only pursue her for taxes back to 2010 through 2015 due to a legal statute of limitations.

Reports indicate that the woman originally told investigators that she never received the more than 40 pieces of correspondence they said were sent to her over a four-and-a-half year period. However, during the investigation the letters are said to have been found. The amount of money it is believed the professor might owe is more than $50,000. This includes penalties and other amounts as well as actual taxes.

When facing such charges, Minnesotans might wish to contact an experienced attorney to fully understand the law and defense options.

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