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Felonies allege transportation of untaxed product

| Apr 7, 2017 | Criminal Tax Violations |

Minnesota residents who hear about people being charged with tax crimes should know that these types of cases can involve a great many different situations. It is not always about someone not reporting income on a tax return, for example. Also important to remember is that an accusation or an arrest is never a guarantee that a person is guilty or will be convicted.

Two men from Illinois were recently arrested in Minnesota and charged with felony offenses related to unpaid taxes on goods they were transporting. Reports indicate that while driving along a stretch of Interstate 94, officers stopped a truck after its drivers did not make a required weigh station stop. The vehicle is also said to have been lacking appropriate commercial vehicle documentation on the outside and inside of the truck.

Officers inspected the truck and found large quantities of tobacco for which business information on the invoice supplied did not match. In total, roughly $74,000 in taxes should have been paid on the goods that had not. The two men have each been charged with two aiding and abetting felonies. One is for aggravated forgery and the other for possession of untaxed products. Each count carries with it consequences of time in prison, fines or both if convicted.

After an arrest for an alleged felony tax violation, people in Minnesota might wish to reach out to a lawyer. This may be a good way to fully understand the charges and defense options.

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