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What qualities are part of embezzlement allegations?

| Mar 27, 2017 | Embezzlement |

Most Minnesota residents have heard about embezzlement but many may not fully understand what might actually be considered embezzlement. While some may think it is a case of an employee stealing from an employer, there may be a whole lot more to it than that. Actually, some factors that may be involved in an alleged embezzlement case can actually be very difficult to identify or to prove.

The Balance explains that there are often four distinct qualities in a specific case of alleged embezzlement. One of these is the intention to thieve or deceive another person or entity. Certainly it can be a challenge to confirm a person’s thoughts or intentions. Another element is that a relationship between the person accused of embezzlement and the entity from which property is said to have been taken must exist. This relationship must have seen the defendant with some level of responsibility for property or money.

Other components of an embezzlement case include that taken property be assumed owned by the defendant or transferred to another party and that the money or other property was obtained due to the fiduciary responsibility that existed between the parties. Embezzlement may result in civil and criminal charges depending upon the circumstances.

Other types of embezzlement may be even more subtle such as accounting embezzlement which involves accusations of falsified accounting records with the intent to hide actions. This information is not intended to provide legal advice but is instead meant to give Minnesota residents an overview of what characteristics may be present in order for embezzlement to be alleged.