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March 2017 Archives

What qualities are part of embezzlement allegations?

Most Minnesota residents have heard about embezzlement but many may not fully understand what might actually be considered embezzlement. While some may think it is a case of an employee stealing from an employer, there may be a whole lot more to it than that. Actually, some factors that may be involved in an alleged embezzlement case can actually be very difficult to identify or to prove.

Federal prison sentenced handed down in meth cases

Minnesota residents who have been accused of drug crimes that involved federal charges should know that the penalties they may face if convicted can be severe. This is one of the reasons thta it can be helpful to work with an attorney so that they get proper advice during the defense process. 

What are common counterfeit penalties?

If you have been accused of a counterfeiting crime in Minnesota, you know that the penalties can range anywhere from minor to severe. Many things can be forged, including coins, military discharge papers, bonds and postage. The Cornell University Legal Information Institute outlines the penalties that accompany many different types of forgery.

How is child pornography defined?

Like many other terms, people often make references to child pornography without fully understanding exactly what it may mean in the eyes of the law. It is important for Minnesota residents to have an understanding of this because there may be things that could be considered child pornography that they are not aware of. 

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