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Alleged weapons theft leads to federal conspiracy charges

| Feb 7, 2017 | Conspiracy |

Minnesota residents who may be arrested and charged with criminal offenses may sometimes be surprised that they are actually charged with federal crimes. In some situations, this may cause additional concern and raise questions about the nature of the penalties that may be experienced if convictions are ultimately experienced.

Such may well be the case today for three people after their recent indictments on federal conspiracy charges as well as other offenses. According to reports, the three defendants are said to have stolen 75 out of the approximately 100 stolen weapons in all of Minnesota last year in a single heist. As a result, conspiracy to possess and distribute stolen firearm charges have been levied against each of the three. Several of the guns are said to still be unrecovered.

One of the defendants is supposed to have admitted a role in the acts. Exactly what evidence has been used to secure the indictments is unknown. Also unknown is what consequences may be faced if the defendants are convicted. In addition to conspiracy, they each face charges for possessing stolen firearms and one man is also charged for possessing weapons when not allowed due to a prior drug conviction in another state.

Federal criminal charges can be complex and hard to understand. Working with an attorney at these times may be helpful and give defendants an idea of what their best options during the defense process may be.

Source: StarTribune, “Feds indict 3 in connection with major burglary at southeast Minnesota gun shop,” Stephen Montemayer, Jan. 26, 2017