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Alleged tax fraucd scheme at work in Minnesota

| Feb 22, 2017 | Criminal Tax Violations |

For most Minnesota residents today, the use of computers has become common practice for either personal or professional purposes. The convenience, productivity and even entertainment factors associated with this are real indeed. So too, however, are the growing number of concerns about potential safety of electronic information. At the same time that new forms of crime have emerged, the need to treat allegations of such crime carefully is also present.

Recent reports have surfaced about a situation within the Bloomington School District that has brought new attention to cybercrime activities. According to sources, an employee of the school district receiving an email that is alleged to have been a phishing email, a form of communication said to be designed for the specific purpose of inappropriately obtaining sensitive information.

The email in this case supposedly requested some information about school district employees. The receipient of the email provided the requested information to the sender who was believed to be an internal school district staff member. Addresses and social security numbers are among the information provided for roughly 2,800 employees of the school district. The effort is being called a potential tax fraud scheme. No information about suspected responsible parties is known nor it is known what type of charges may be filed if a potential defendant is identified.

When Minnesotans are confronted with allegations of tax fraud, internet theft or other white collar crimes, talking with an attorney may be a good way of learning about defense options.

Source: Star Tribune, “Cyberscam that hit Bloomington school workers put Minn. districts on defensive,” Beatrice Dupuy, Feb. 17, 2017