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Federal and local investigators involved in financial theft case

| Dec 14, 2016 | Embezzlement |

Minnesota residents who read stories or hear reports of various white collar crime allegations can understandably be confused at times. There are many different forms of offenses that are considered to be white collar crimes and sometimes a single case may involve multiple allegations which can make it hard to distinguish between the offenses. Some types of white collar crime charges include Ponzi schemes, embezzlement, mail fraud and tax fraud among others.

Embezzlement charges may result when a person is accused of essentially stealing money from an organization from within. A person accused of embezzling money would generally have some form of inside access to funds such as an employee within a company. In a case recently announced in the Twin Cities area, embezzlement appears to be the charge however very little is known about just who may actually be accused of the alleged embezzlement.

The case involves a country club in St. Paul. Reports suggest that some form of financial theft may have been taking place for almost six full years starting at the beginning of 2010. The general manager of the country club may have initiated proceedings. Involved with the investigations is the U.S. Secret Service as well as the state Financial Crimes Task Force and the St. Paul Police Department.

When accused of sensitive financial crimes, Minnesotans may find it useful to talk with a lawyer. This may offer valuable insights into how the criminal justice system works, including when federal charges may be involved.

Source: Star Tribune, “Embezzlement investigation opened at Town & Country Club,” Chao Xiong, Dec. 10, 2016