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Mail fraud and other charges made against postal worker

| Nov 24, 2016 | Federal Crimes |

Many Minnesota residents are aware that tampering with U.S. mail may result in criminal charges. But, understanding exactly what actions may constitute mail fraud can sometimes be difficult. It is opening someone else’s mail without their knowledge or approval? It is hiding someone’s mail? Could it be something else? Other things people may want to know could involve who might eventually be accused of mail fraud.

A current case in Georgia gives a glimpse into the world of mail fraud charges. A postal carrier there has recently been indicated on 48 different counts in a federal case that actually is said to have involved other people. Interestingly enough, only the mail carrier himself thus far has officially been charged with any crimes. The offenses he is accused of so far include mail and aggravated identity theft, mail fraud and conspiracy.

No details are known about what types of penalties the defendant might be subject to if he is ultimately convicted of any of the offenses he is charged with. Reports allege that the carrier had fraudulent refund checks sent to him at addresses where he knew there were no residents. Instead of keeping all of the checks, he is said to have given at least some of them to other people although it is not known why he may have done this.

Clearly cases like this can be complex and there are many details not always provided in public reports. People who are accused of serious federal crimes might find it helpful to talk with an attorney to understand the nature of these charges.

Source: WRBL, “Mail carrier from Columbus accused of using addresses in tax refund scam,” Mikhaela Singleton, Nov. 17, 2016