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DDoS attack believed to have caused large disruption

| Oct 27, 2016 | Internet Crime |

Most Minnesota residents have heard about several types of data breaches or online security threats in the recent years. From problems involving some of the nation’s biggest retailers to concerns about the security of health care information, there seems to be no end to these types of accusations or events. Understanding them can be complex, however.

Recently many people around the nation including in Minnesota were unable to access some of their favorite websites for the large part of day. The issue is being considered a deliberate online attack at this point. Both the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Homeland Security are involved in investigating the alleged attack. Reports indicate that it is believed the action was trying to cause disruption to as many people as possible. This is in contract to other attacks that are aimed at specific targets.

Websites such as Netflix, Twitter, the New York Times and Amazon were all impacted by the service dispuption. The way it worked was that immense volumes of trfrfic to a provider that routes traffic to multiple sites essentially caused a traffic jam that prevented access. At his time, no information has been made public about the persons or groups that the government thinks may be responsible.

Any individuals who are involved in criminal charges for internet crimes may want to reach out to an experienced attorney. Getting the right legal help at these times can make a difference in the defense process.


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