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Taking a look at cyberstalking

| Aug 13, 2016 | Internet Crime |

While many people are familiar with stalking, cyberstalking is a newer term that has emerged in the digital age. In Minneapolis, and across the whole state of Minnesota, people may find themselves in serious trouble over cyberstalking allegations. In some cases, those who are accused may not even realize that a law was broken, while others are innocent altogether and still face harsh penalties for an offense that never even occurred.

According to the Office on Women’s Health, cyberstalking may take a number of forms. For example, cyberstalking may involve the posting of unacceptable content on an internet forum, threats and harassment in chat rooms, distributing viruses, impersonating someone’s identity and sending threatening texts or emails.

On their site, the National Institute of Justice also covers cyberstalking. The NIJ states that cyberstalking, which doesn’t include physical contact between stalkers and victims, has become very accessible due to the large amount of personal data that is available online. In fact, Congress decided to include cyberstalking in the federal interstate stalking statute.

People who are facing cyberstalking charges or have been charged with another type of internet crime may face an uphill battle. Unfortunately, even false allegations of cyberstalking can thoroughly destroy someone’s life, leave them with a harmed reputation and lead to prison time as well as costly fines. Furthermore, certain details surrounding a cyberstalking case are sometimes exaggerated or entirely made up. As a result, people who have found themselves in this difficult position should closely examine their legal options.