The Criminal Defense Attorney To Call
When The Stakes Are High

An attorney can protect your rights throughout the legal process

| Jun 13, 2016 | Criminal Defense |

Our state is known for our “Minnesota nice,” so it makes sense that those who are being questioned by police often want to be as helpful as they can throughout the process. Some individuals will try to give as much information as they can in order to help the investigation in any way they can. While these individuals have great intentions in mind, their efforts sometimes work against them.

We have seen cases time and time again where an innocent person is charged with a crime. Even if there is circumstantial evidence, police officials believe the person is guilty based on what he or she said during the interview. It’s not uncommon that a person is not able to properly recall how events happened or tells a different account of events when interviewed a second time. While these could be legitimate signs of guilt, they can also be caused by nervousness or exhaustion.

This is the very reason that some individuals who are innocent of any crime still turn to an attorney. They want the attorney by their side when they are being interviewed to make sure that nothing is taken out of context and used against them. This is especially important if they are being charged with a crime that has very serious consequences upon conviction.

An attorney can be your ally throughout the entire process. While it may not feel very “Minnesota nice” to ask for an attorney before speaking with police officials, it may be the difference between facing severe consequences and maintaining your freedom.