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Making a bomb threat has serious penalties

| May 27, 2016 | Internet Crime |

This week schools in several states, including Minnesota, experienced bomb threats. According to a USA today story, the threats came through a series of robo-calls, but it’s also not uncommon these days for a person who wants communicate a false threat to use the Internet. In many cases, these threats are made by kids who make false threats in an email or on social media sites. 

Kids may think it’s a funny joke or a way to get out of class, but making a bomb threat is a crime that comes with serious penalties, and in some cases, federal charges. 


In the most recent cases, the responsible parties used a computer-generated voice to make threats to schools across the country. Classes were disrupted and police response followed. It’s a problem that has become more common in recent years. 

Authorities and schools must investigate each threat to determine whether it is credible. In some cases, if a computer is involved in the crime, a federal investigation could lead to a person facing criminal charges, including cyber terrorism.

Such charges carry hefty penalties, and if found guilty, even a juvenile could face years behind bars. 

Kids make mistakes and often do not realize the severe consequences of their actions. Making a threat through a computer could affect their future and possibly their entire life. An attorney with considerable experience in federal Internet crimes can provide strong criminal defense and help procure the best possible outcome.

Source: USA Today, “Wave of bomb threats hits schools nationwide,” Alison Dirr, May 24, 2016