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Mailbox destruction and other federal crimes

| May 20, 2016 | Federal Crimes |

If you are accused of committing a federal offense, from mailbox destruction to any other type of federal crime, the penalties could change your life forever. Not only could you spend a considerable amount of time in prison, but you may face costly fines and have a very different life afterward due to having a felony on your record. At Joseph S. Friedberg Chartered, we know all too well how damaging federal crimes can be for people in Minneapolis, and other parts of Minnesota.

When it comes to federal crimes, it is important to make sure that you realize just how serious these accusations can be. For example, if you are accused of destroying or even defacing a mailbox, you may face steep fines and even be sent to prison. According to the Cornell University Law School, mailbox destruction and the destruction of mail carries a penalty of as much as three years behind bars, in addition to massive fines.

Sometimes, people are falsely accused of a crime they didn’t commit, while others may not be aware of the considerable penalties associated with a federal offense. Unfortunately, some have been wrongfully accused of crimes and have had to endure a permanent blemish on their record, spending time in prison and experiencing challenges once they are released, while others were harshly punished over a situation that was blown out of proportion.

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