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May 2016 Archives

Embezzling public funds in Minnesota

In a previous post, the federal penalties for embezzlement were covered. However, in Minneapolis, and other cities across the state, embezzlement is also punishable under Minnesota law. When individuals are accused of embezzling funds, the consequences may extend far beyond imprisonment and financial penalties. For example, people may never find an employer willing to hire them in their line of work due to their criminal record.

Making a bomb threat has serious penalties

This week schools in several states, including Minnesota, experienced bomb threats. According to a USA today story, the threats came through a series of robo-calls, but it's also not uncommon these days for a person who wants communicate a false threat to use the Internet. In many cases, these threats are made by kids who make false threats in an email or on social media sites. 

Mailbox destruction and other federal crimes

If you are accused of committing a federal offense, from mailbox destruction to any other type of federal crime, the penalties could change your life forever. Not only could you spend a considerable amount of time in prison, but you may face costly fines and have a very different life afterward due to having a felony on your record. At Joseph S. Friedberg Chartered, we know all too well how damaging federal crimes can be for people in Minneapolis, and other parts of Minnesota.

Man's alleged social media activity leads to lawsuit

Nowadays, an impressive number of people are active on various social media websites. Unfortunately, all sorts of problems can arise and many people have found themselves in hot water over their online behavior. Sometimes, people are falsely accused of harassment, stalking, theft, bullying or another type of online offense. In Minneapolis, Minnesota, and across America, online crimes can carry serious consequences that will virtually destroy an individual's life, regardless of whether or not they were actually guilty in the first place.

The penalties for hazardous waste crimes

From the unauthorized disposal of hazardous waste to polluting the water supply, there are a wide variety of environmental crimes. For businesses and individuals, being accused of one of these crimes can spell disaster and carry severe consequences. At Joseph S. Friedberg Chartered, we understand the many challenges that people who are facing these allegations often encounter in Minneapolis, and other parts of Minnesota.

Marijuana possession and Minnesota laws

In recent years, marijuana laws have changed across the country. However, it is important to know where Minnesota stands if you live in Minneapolis, or anywhere else in the state. From prison time to costly fines and other penalties, the consequences of being charged with marijuana possession can turn your life upside down. At Joseph S. Friedberg Chartered, our law firm understands the various hurdles that people in this position frequently face.

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