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Authorities apprehend woman over cyber bullying

| Mar 13, 2016 | Internet Crime |

In the digital age, charges related to internet crimes have become increasingly prevalent. From cyberstalking to internet scams, people may face serious consequences for electronic crimes in Minneapolis, and across Minnesota. However, life can be especially difficult for those accused of cyber bullying, especially for those who have been falsely accused. For people in this position, moving forward can be difficult due to the stigma surrounding cyber bullying.

Authorities apprehended an 18-year-old woman in Arkansas over allegations of cyber bullying. The woman, who is being held in the Washington County Jail, is accused of threatening a victim over the phone and on social media. Law enforcement officials claim the woman was upset because she thought her boyfriend had slept with the alleged victim.

The woman failed to report to the police department for a citation before she was taken into custody after allegedly continuing to bully the victim. Copies of the threatening messages were sent to authorities, according to the parents of the individual who was allegedly bullied.

When someone is facing cyber bullying charges, they may be unsure of which steps to take next. By carefully assessing the details of their case and properly presenting their case in court, people who are dealing with this may be able to secure a more favorable outcome. After all, cyber bullying charges can carry severe consequences such as school expulsion, fines and prison time. As a result, those charged with cyber bullying may want to discuss their situation with an experienced legal professional.

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