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March 2016 Archives

Reviewing the penalties for general tax fraud

In fiscal year 2013, more than 1,500 criminal investigations involving general tax fraud were opened, according to the Internal Revenue Service. Among those investigated for tax fraud, there were 1,107 indictments and over 900 were sentenced. In Minneapolis, Minnesota, and across the nation, the penalties for tax fraud can turn an individual's life upside down. For example, tax fraud charges could lead to a federal prison sentence, stiff fines and a permantly damaged reputation.

An overview of federal tax evasion charges

Each year, people in Minnesota and other localities must pay their state and federal taxes. Sometimes, people may take steps to avoid paying their taxes. This may be in an attempt to retain more of their annual income, to keep from providing proof of some type of criminal activity or for any other number of reasons. Actively taking action to avoid paying taxes may be considered tax evasion, a serious offense that carries potentially life-changing penalties.

Authorities apprehend woman over cyber bullying

In the digital age, charges related to internet crimes have become increasingly prevalent. From cyberstalking to internet scams, people may face serious consequences for electronic crimes in Minneapolis, and across Minnesota. However, life can be especially difficult for those accused of cyber bullying, especially for those who have been falsely accused. For people in this position, moving forward can be difficult due to the stigma surrounding cyber bullying.

Minnesota woman accused of embezzling over $1 million

When someone is charged with a white collar crime, they may face a number of hurdles. On top of losing their job and experiencing significant damage to their reputation, some people also spend time behind bars. To make matters worse, some people are falsely accused and pay for a crime they didn't commit. As a result, it is crucial for those accused of embezzling to approach their case properly in Minneapolis, and throughout the state of Minnesota.

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