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August 2015 Archives

Elements of identity theft charges

Increasingly, prosecutors in Minnesota are aggressively going after people they accuse of using another person’s personal data for economic gain, a crime commonly known as identity theft. Understanding the elements of identity theft can help those wrongly accused to mount an effective defense.

Employee charged with almost a $1 million crime

Embezzlement is an unusual crime. Unlike many violent crimes, where hulking figures armed with handguns and automatic weapons preside over drug deal or bank robberies, embezzlement is often a quiet offense, involving the clicking of keys on a keyboard or the soft scratching of a pencil in a ledger.

Prison time for used car dealer's tax evasion

Few areas of the law are more fraught with peril than tax law. The federal tax code is immense and immensely complex. The Internal Revenue Code occupies more than 2,600 pages and the supporting regulations promulgated by the Internal Revenue Service and the cases interoperating the code covers 70,000 pages.

More prosecutions in Minnesota for prescription drug crime

When most people hear the term "drug crime," what typically comes to mind are drugs such as marijuana, LSD, methamphetamine or heroin. These illegal drugs are often identified as Schedule 1 drugs, taking their name from the federal Controlled Substance Act (CSA). These drugs are considered very dangerous and within the federal statutes, have no currently accepted medical use.

Is it a crime to hunt outside the season in Minnesota?

In our state and across the nation we have what are called regulatory laws. These types of laws tell citizens what they can and cannot do legally and are based on policy rather than moral judgment. Numerous in quantity, there are likely hundreds of thousands of regulatory laws currently on the books -- many of which may be completely unknown to our Minneapolis readers.

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