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July 2015 Archives

"A lifetime entanglement" (cont.)

Winding up in the position of being charged with a sex crime is now easier than ever. With the expansion of the internet to something that can provide instant access to virtually everything, often with little thought or introspection, and the growth of social media platforms that have become the proxies for much face-to-face interaction, poor choices are easier and faster than ever.

"A lifetime entanglement"

With most state and federal crimes, there are proscribed sentences, which typically include a minimum and maximum period of incarceration. Some crimes carry mandatory minimum sentences, such as many federal drug crimes, which can produce onerous sentences.

Almost five years in prison for creator of Blakshades malware

A criminal sentence can be used for a three-fold purpose. It punishes an offender by placing them in prison for a period of time, it protects society by incarcerating a dangerous or violent offender and it sends a message to others who may commit similar crimes.

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